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Anesthesia Compliance & HIPAA Privacy


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10 -20$67.510
21 or more$63.7515
Anesthesia Compliance & HIPAA Privacy Training

This is a combination course with all of the material found in our Anesthesia Compliance and Anesthesia Privacy Courses.


Compliance & HIPAA Privacy Training $75.00

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Anesthesia HIPAA Privacy

Anesthesia HIPAA Privacy Plans

HIPAA training geared for anesthesia providers as required by federal law. Of importance, this is mandatory for all healthcare providers.

HIPAA Privacy Training $35.00

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Anesthesia Compliance Plans

Online compliance courses for anesthesia providers. Most importantly, this course covers the important laws, regulations and requirements when billing for anesthesia services.

Compliance Training $45.00

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Discounts for the above courses are  based on number of staff enrolled.

10-20 staff      10% discount

21 and more  15% discount

These online compliance courses will introduce all of the material an anesthesia provider needs to stay abreast of all the important regulations.

Group Training

It is of great importance that all organizations provide Compliance and HIPAA Training to their employees on a regular basis. In addition, they must show evidence of such activity as a protection in the case of a breach and investigation by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) or in the case of allegations of fraudulent activity by the Office of Inspector General.

Anesthesia Compliance Consultants has a long tradition as a compliance and HIPAA educator and has trained small groups and large hospital organizations.  Our Compliance and HIPAA Group Training programs are geared for busy providers with an emphasis on practical applications they will understand.  Our programs are available through our website to be taken at convenient times for your employees.

We are also prepared to create new training programs with your branding for use on company servers or websites.

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Why Choose Anesthesia Compliance Consultants

Professionals created our compliance courses for anesthesia. They have extensive knowledge of HIPAA Privacy, compliance and anesthesia practice.  Most importantly, our professionals have trained countless anesthesia providers in all aspects of anesthesia compliance and HIPAA privacy.  In addition, they have trained on evaluation and management coding specifically for anesthesia and pain practices.

First of all, we created our courses with a practical approach to compliance and privacy that can be applied to the real world of anesthesia.  In addition we designed our courses specifically for the needs of anesthesia providers.  All who participate in our training will develop a good understanding of the requirements for compliance and those of HIPAA Privacy.