We provide Anesthesia HIPAA training for your organization. We can tailor your educational plan specifically to your needs and type of practice.

Training anesthesia for compliance

Our Anesthesia Compliance & HIPAA Training is created and continuously modified to focus on your anesthesia compliance plan and federal and state regulations. It will also help you fully understand the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Our Compliance Training will give you specific documentation requirements and recommendations for meeting Medicare and Medicaid rules. Our experts explore specific scenarios to help you determine the steps necessary to be fully compliant.

In addition, our program provides HIPAA training as required by law with the latest guidelines from the Office for Civil Rights. The training is geared for practitioners, with an emphasis on the special challenges that you face in clinical settings. Our HIPAA training provides tools to help navigate situations and avoid HIPAA violations in the perioperative setting.

Of importance to a busy practice, our Team educates and trains using a web-based platform that makes it easy for your staff. Our programs are accessible through our Digital Chalk site where you can choose from a variety of online courses available to take at your own pace. Every individual successfully completing the program will receive a certificate of completion.

We can assist your company in managing your educational program and provide a full report of completed training for your records.

Compliance and HIPAA Privacy Training

Our course in Anesthesia Compliance Training will give you the information you need to understand the following:


  • How to recognize Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) in the Medicare Program
  • Major laws and regulations pertaining to FWA
  • Potential consequences and penalties associated with violations
  • Methods of preventing FWA
  • How to report FWA
  • How to correct FWA

Our course in Anesthesia HIPAA Privacy Training will give you and your staff the necessary information to understand and follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule.


  • This course will describe the HIPAA regulations and explain why they are important.
  • There will be case scenarios to help you understand how it affects you in your workplace.
  • Created with healthcare workers in mind.

The Training Program

Our training program was created for anesthesia organizations with ease of use in mind.

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Unlimited exam retakes
  • Available 24×7 online
  • Receive a certificate of training
  • The course may be taken at home at your own pace.
Compliance HIPAA Privacy
Print your certificate upon
finishing your course

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Compliance & HIPAA Privacy Training $75.00

This course is a combination of both our Anesthesia Compliance and Anesthesia HIPAA Privacy Training. It covers all of the material seen in each of the individual courses. This course is ideal for groups intent on creating a comprehensive compliance program. We highly recommend this for all anesthesia practices.

Additional programs and benefits

As an additional service to our clients we offer in-service and refresher training on both Anesthesia Compliance and HIPAA that includes the latest information and updates on the laws and regulations. Take advantage by enrolling in our free newsletters for Anesthesia Compliance.

Visit our YouTube site for “Anesthesia Compliance Tips.”

Why choose Anesthesia Compliance Consultants?

Anesthesia Compliance Consultants

We are experts in Anesthesia HIPAA Privacy Training and Compliance Training. Our mission is to make HIPAA privacy compliance and anesthesia compliance easy to understand for you and your staff. We believe our program will give you the knowledge that will protect you from violations of government regulations.

Customized Online Training

If you prefer an educational training program designed specifically for your company, we invite you to consider our customized programs, as they are completely tailored to your team’s needs. These programs may be placed on your website or educational platform.

To request additional information or to begin creating your tailor-made training program, please click below.

We are committed to meeting your compliance needs.

Our experts are committed to keeping your entire staff informed on the many regulatory issues affecting your practice.

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