Anesthesia Compliance

Compliance courses for anesthesia providers

Anesthesia provider writing

Online compliance courses for anesthesia providers. Most importantly, this course covers the important laws, regulations and requirements when billing for anesthesia services.

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Anesthesia HIPAA Privacy

HIPAA online courses geared for anesthesia providers

HIPAA Requirements

HIPAA training geared for anesthesia providers as required by federal law. Of importance, this is mandatory for all healthcare providers.

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Anesthesia Compliance and Privacy

Anesthesia Compliance and Anesthesia Privacy Courses

Anesthesia Compliance Course

This is a combination course with all of the material found in our Anesthesia Compliance and Anesthesia Privacy Courses. As a result, these online compliance courses will introduce all of the material an anesthesia provider needs to stay abreast of all the important regulations.

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Anesthesia Evaluation and Management Coding

Billing for anesthesia services

Billing for evaluation and management services

This course covers the necessary information necessary to bill for pain consultations, hospital visits and office visits for anesthesiologists.

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Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training

Fraud, Waste and Abuse from CMS

Learn about fraud waste and abuse

The training material for this course is meant to satisfy all the requirements established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regarding Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

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Group Training

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Professionals created our compliance courses for anesthesia. They have extensive knowledge of HIPAA Privacy, compliance and anesthesia practice.  Most importantly, our professionals have trained countless anesthesia providers in all aspects of anesthesia compliance and HIPAA privacy.  In addition, they have trained on evaluation and management coding specifically for anesthesia and pain practices.  

First of all, we created our courses with a practical approach to compliance and privacy that can be applied to the real world of anesthesia.  In addition we designed our courses specifically aware of the needs of anesthesia.  Most important, all who participate in our training will have a good understanding of the requirements for compliance and those of HIPAA Privacy.  Finally, our program on evaluation and management coding will give a good background on the type of coding necessary for pain practices and in-house anesthesia consultations.  Above all, the Fraud, waste and Abuse Training will satisfy CMS requirements recently enacted.