The Department of Heath and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released its 2014 work plan.  As was expected from earlier reports the emphasis this year will be on monitoring personally performed cases and how they are billed.  This has originated out of inappropriate billing from the University of California-Irivine where anesthesiologists billed for personally performed cases while being in another building.  It is the intention of HHS to review all Medicare part B cases billed with the AA service code modifier to ensure they meet Medicare requirements.  Providers should be aware the service code “AA” is used for anesthesia services personally performed by an anesthesiologist.

Most of our clients have little to worry about in regard to this initiative.  If you know of anyone who routinely uses “AA” while supervising a nurse or resident they may want to know more about this issue.  Please follow the links below to the ASA and the HHS sites for more detailed information

ASA site: