Mary Lopez Anesthesia Compliance

Mary Lopez, JD, CHP, CHC is the principal at Anesthesia Compliance Consultants serving a wide range of anesthesia clients on compliance matters. She leads the Anesthesia Compliance Consultants team. ?In addition, she has spent more than a decade counseling anesthesiologists, CRNA’s, hospitals and anesthesia billing companies on compliance, billing regulations, HIPAA privacy and security and operational issues. ?Foremost, Ms. Lopez is certified in Healthcare Compliance and in Healthcare Privacy and is a national speaker?on anesthesia compliance and HIPAA.??She is the creator of HIPAA ABCs. Ms. Lopez is admitted to the bar in Ohio and is a member of the American?Health Lawyers?Association.

Al Lopez Anesthesia Compliance

Al Lopez, MD, FCCP, CHC is the chief operations officer at Anesthesia Compliance Consultants. ?In addition he is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary, and anesthesia. ?Further, he has a medical coding specialist degree. ?Dr. Lopez practiced anesthesia and pain management. ?Most importantly, he?served as a Compliance Director for over 10 years. ?Above all, Dr. Lopez directs educational programming for our Anesthesia Compliance Consultants team and consults on operational issues for anesthesia clients. ?He is certified in Healthcare Compliance.

Our Team is Certified in Health Care Compliance and Health Care Privacy

Our compliance team has provided anesthesia compliance services to anesthesia organizations since 2007.?We have created compliance plans that address all the requirements of??for appropriate Medicare billing.??In addition, we have provided advice and plans to stay abreast of the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the Security Rule.??We have created educational programs to train all of your staff from the convenience of your home using our web-based service.??Moreover, our experienced team has years of anesthesia clinical experience and legal healthcare knowledge to address all facets of compliance issues that might arise.??In addition, our team is certified in healthcare compliance and healthcare privacy.

Our Compliance Team Can Help You

Our team is fully prepared to help your organization develop their anesthesia compliance and hipaa/privacy plan.??We will help train all of your staff on compliance no matter what position they have in your organization.

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