Learn about ACC

Anesthesia Compliance Consultants assists your practice, company or hospital to comply with all the laws and regulations that impact anesthesia. In addition, learn about ACC and how to prepare you with a compliance plan as recommended by the Office of the Inspector General. Finally learn how Anesthesia Compliance Consultants can assist your organization with HIPAA privacy and security requirements.

Anesthesia Compliance Consultants brings you the latest information on rules or federal guidance that impact compliance.

Anesthesia Compliance Consultants will educate all members of your team on the laws, rules and federal and state requirements.

Anesthesia Compliance Consultants serves you virtually through its secure website for meetings, audits, and training.

Prepare yourself for heightened scrutiny from both federal and state programs. The failure to follow a compliance plan increases your risk of exposure to whistleblowers, civil charges, criminal charges, civil monetary penalties and exclusion from federal programs.

  • Firstly ACC assists anesthesia practitioners in a variety of practices.  These are hospital based, surgery centers and pain management practices.
  • In addition ACC operates to help you understand the intricacies of the regulatory environment and identifies critical steps to prevent fines and penalties.  
  • Furthermore, learn about ACC and how it educates and trains all staff on compliance either on-site or web-based.
  • Next ACC will collaborate on the development of a compliant electronic anesthesia record.
  • Additionally ACC works with business associates on all anesthesia compliance issues.
  • Finally ACC consultants are certified in Healthcare Compliance and Healthcare Privacy.

Most importantly if you have not considered a compliance plan or training for your organization it is time you considered Anesthesia Compliance Consultants as part of your strategy.