Anesthesia HIPAA training is an important requirements for anesthesia providers or organizations intent on following the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Have you trained your staff with the latest information on the HIPAA Privacy, Security and HITECH Rules? We have helped countless organizations with their HIPAA training.

Learning Anesthesia Compliance

How ACC Can Help You

Anesthesia Compliance Consultants (ACC) assists your practice or organization to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule that impact anesthesia services. Learn about ACC and how we can prepare you with HIPAA Compliance Training as recommended by the Office for Civil Rights.

  • We can keep you up to date with the latest information on rules or federal guidance that impact HIPAA compliance.
  • ACC will educate all members of your team on the HIPAA regulations that apply to their job.
  • Our organization offers web-based training to serve the needs of busy professionals.

Prepare yourself for heightened scrutiny from the Office for Civil Rights.  The failure to provide a HIPAA training program increases your risk of exposure to civil and criminal charges.

  • We assist anesthesia practitioners in a variety of practices. These may be hospital based, outpatient surgery centers and pain management practices.
  • ACC works to help you understand the intricacies of the regulatory environment and identifies critical steps to prevent fines and penalties.
  • We will educate and train all staff on HIPAA compliance either through virtual training or using our web-based programs.

Our Team is Certified in Health Care Compliance and Health Care Privacy

Mary Lopez President

Mary Lopez, JD, CHP, CHC is the principal at Anesthesia Compliance Consultants serving a wide range of anesthesia clients on compliance matters. She leads the Anesthesia Compliance Consultants team. ?In addition, she has spent more than a decade counseling anesthesiologists, CRNA’s, hospitals and anesthesia billing companies on compliance, billing regulations, HIPAA privacy and security and operational issues.  Foremost, Ms. Lopez is certified in Healthcare Compliance and in Healthcare Privacy and is a national speaker on anesthesia compliance and HIPAA.  She is the creator of HIPAA ABCs. Ms. Lopez is admitted to the bar in Ohio and is a member of the American Health Lawyers Association.

Al Lopez MD, V President

Al Lopez, MD, FCCP, CHC is the chief operations officer at Anesthesia Compliance Consultants.  In addition he is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary, and anesthesia. Dr. Lopez practiced anesthesia and pain management and  has a medical coding specialist degree. Most importantly, he served as a Compliance Director for over 10 years. Dr. Lopez directs educational programming for our Anesthesia Compliance Consultants team and consults on operational issues for anesthesia clients. He is certified in Healthcare Compliance.

HIPAA Compliance Training

We offer virtual, or webinar training on the HIPAA Privacy Rule. We also offer HIPAA basic training in Spanish.

In a busy healthcare practice, it can be difficult to get everyone in the same place at the same time for in-person training. Our web-based modules might be the best fit for your organization. We’ve developed these modules for hospitals, private practices, hospital-based provider groups and business associates. They can be completed at times that are more convenient, without disrupting your primary focus of patient care.

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