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Anesthesia Compliance & HIPAA Compliance are important requirements for anesthesia providers or organizations intent on following federal rules and regulations. It?s a complicated process considering the facets to address. Have you or your organization performed a careful assessment of your compliance program with a Gap Analysis that reviews the state of anesthesia compliance and HIPAA? Have you created a sound compliance plan that will help you comply with federal regulations? Have you trained your staff with the latest information on compliance and the HIPAA Privacy, Security and HITECH Rules? Have you had a breach of protected health information and do you know how to report a breach? We have helped countless organizations with breaches and HIPAA issues.

How ACC Can Help You

Anesthesia Compliance Consultants (ACC) assists your practice or organization to comply with all the laws and regulations that impact anesthesia services. Learn about ACC and how we can prepare you with a compliance plan as recommended by the Office of the Inspector General. Understand how Anesthesia Compliance Consultants can assist your organization with HIPAA privacy and security requirements with a comprehensive HIPAA plan.

  • Anesthesia Compliance Consultants keeps you up to date with the latest information on rules or federal guidance that impact compliance.
  • Anesthesia Compliance Consultants will educate all members of your team on the laws, rules and federal and state requirements that apply to their job.
  • Anesthesia Compliance Consultants offers web-based training to serve the needs of busy professionals.

Prepare yourself for heightened scrutiny from both federal and state programs.?The failure to follow a compliance plan increases your risk of exposure to whistleblowers, civil charges, criminal charges, civil monetary penalties and exclusion from federal programs.

  • ACC assists anesthesia practitioners in a variety of practices. These may be hospital based, outpatient surgery centers and pain management practices.
  • ACC works to help you understand the intricacies of the regulatory environment and identifies critical steps to prevent fines and penalties.
  • ACC will educate and train all staff on compliance either on-site or using their web-based programs.
  • ACCwill assist you to identify all business associates with whom you share protected health information and create business associate agreements.

Most importantly if you have not considered a compliance plan or training for your organization it is time you considered Anesthesia Compliance Consultants as part of your strategy.

Learn more about Our Compliance Team

Our Compliance Team


Put our unique blend of expertise to work ? we?ll help you navigate the complex structure of Anesthesia Compliance. ACC will create or coordinate your anesthesia compliance program with policies, procedures customized for you and your organization and with any complex compliance issue.

Compliance Plans

Most important, anesthesia & HIPAA compliance is the main focus of our organization. Anesthesia groups must have an active compliance plan to protect them from inadvertent fraudulent activity. We are prepared to create plans that will fit the needs of your organization. Hospitals, health care practitioners, office practices and business associates must have written HIPAA policies and procedures and safeguards for protected health information (PHI). To resolve this concern, we develop HIPAA compliance plans that include HIPAA privacy and security policies and procedures. Anesthesia Compliance Consultants is available to consult with you when questions arise regarding the HIPAA Rules. ACC has the experience to understand and assess all aspects of anesthesia compliance and the HIPAA Rule. Consequently, we help protect your organization from issues that may lead to complaints made to or investigations by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and issues with the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Business Associates

HIPAA requires that you have a Business Associate Agreement with business partners that you contract with to provide services if they access, use or disclose PHI. For example, for accounting, billing, legal, risk management and information technology services. Accordingly, we will help you identify business associates and assist with obtaining business associate agreements. We can help protect your organization from HIPAA issues related to the actions of Business Associates and decrease risk to your organization.

Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis is geared to identify those areas where an organization does not comply with the regulatory standards of HIPAA and anesthesia compliance. Moreover, the gap analysis can give anesthesia groups, covered entities or business associates an overall view of their compliance efforts. A gap analysis is not the same as a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, which is focused on electronic PHI. However, this may be the best way of analyzing of policies, procedures and safeguards that are in place and to learn if your organization could withstand an audit of its program by the Office for Civil Rights or the OIG.

Breach Reporting

ACC works with clients dealing with breaches of unsecured PHI. It is important for an organization to follow all necessary steps to report a breach successfully to the individual(s) affected and to the Office for Civil Rights. We assist organizations in order to comply with breach notification requirements. Breaches can vary depending on the facts and circumstances and may be handled differently case-by-case. We have the experience to know how to respond to a breach and what steps to take to protect the individual(s) affected and place the organization in the best position possible with the OCR. Moreover, we can manage investigations, mitigation of damages, retraining, notice to the individual(s) and reporting to the Office for Civil Rights.

Compliance Training

We offer customizable in-person, virtual, or webinar training, lectures and general help with anesthesia compliance and HIPAA. We also offer HIPAA basic training in Spanish. In a busy healthcare practice, it can be difficult to get everyone in the same place at the same time for in-person training. Our web-based modules might be the best fit for your organization. We?ve developed these modules for hospitals, private practices, hospital-based provider groups and business associates. They can be completed at times that are more convenient, without disrupting your primary focus of patient care.

If your company wishes to place the program on your own website or platform, our training can be created with your branding and with your specific needs in mind. We would be happy to discuss this with your team.

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