We are often asked by Anesthesia Groups why it is important to have an effective compliance program and what are the necessary steps to follow.

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) has given clear direction in the publication ?Compliance Program Guidance for Individual and Small Group Physician Practices? on establishing a voluntary compliance plan. The intent of this initiative was to assist in preventing submission of erroneous claims or engaging in unlawful conduct involving the federal health care programs. By developing these compliance plans health care providers can use internal controls to better monitor the adherence to applicable statutes, regulations and program requirements.

A voluntary compliance program contains seven components:

  • Conducting internal monitoring and auditing;
  • Implementing compliance and practice standards;
  • Designating a compliance officer or contact;
  • Conducting appropriate training and education
  • Responding appropriately to detected offenses and developing corrective action;
  • Developing open lines of communication; and
  • Enforcing disciplinary standards through well-publicized guidelines.

You may find more details at OIG Compliance Plan

It is especially important today to have an active compliance program due to the recent emphasis from the OIG on the billing of anesthesia services. Having a plan in effect with a solid auditing program is important to protect you from harm. This opportunity to detect and correct billing errors can prevent civil and criminal liability.

Anesthesia Compliance Consultants?(ACC) will assist your organization with the creation of a compliance plan that covers the seven components. Our team of experienced professionals, crafts compliance plans consistent with regulatory, medical, billing and coding standards. Our professionals have been involved in the business of anesthesia compliance since 2002 and have the experience both legal and as anesthesia providers to fully comprehend the needs of anesthesia practices.

Contact ACC if you have any questions regarding how to set up a compliance and audit plan.