Compliance Plans

Compliance Plans for Anesthesia Practices

First of all ACC will develop a comprehensive Compliance Plans for anesthesia practices. Consequently it will satisfy federal and state guidelines, laws and regulations. Most importantly, we will review your current plan and revise it to assure that it contains all the steps that must be taken to decrease risk and offer the most protection.

Pain Practices

At the beginning we create Compliance Plans for anesthesia tailored for pain practitioners in office-based practice.  Secondly, the Compliance Plan we create will contain all appropriate federal and state rules and regulations in its policies and procedures.  

Electronic Anesthesia Record

We assist in the design of electronic or paper anesthesia records for compliance, to maximize billing, and decrease risk to the provider.

HIPAA Compliance Plans for Anesthesia

Most importantly independent anesthesia groups, office practitioners, and business associates must have HIPAA policies and conduct HIPAA training. Above all we develop HIPAA Compliance Plans for anesthesia. As a result they include HIPAA Privacy and Security policies and procedures and breach reporting requirements in compliance with federal regulations and state law.

Business Associate Agreements

Most important HIPAA requires that you have a Business Associate Agreement with business partners that you contract with to provide services if they access, use or disclose PHI.  Accordingly this includes accounting, billing and legal services.  In addition we will review your relationships and provide Business Associate Agreements.

Privacy Complaint Response and Breach Reporting

  • First we will investigate any privacy or security complaint made to a group, practice, or business associate.
  • Secondly we are experienced in responding to investigative letters from the Office for Civil Rights and working with it to resolve complaints.
  • Finally ACC works with clients dealing with a breach of unsecured protected health information.  We manage notification to the patient, mitigation of damages, retraining and reporting to the Office for Civil Rights.


Above all we consult and advise on individual issues related to anesthesia compliance and HIPAA.  We charge on a project-based or hourly basis.